ELEVEK is part of the CICLO FAPRIL industrial group. Which started its activity in the 1965 and until nowadays, we have attended to the needs of our clients in several markets. Faced with the concern and challenge of having our own product, Elevek by CF was founded in 2015 as a division for elevation systems.

Formed by professionals with extensive experience in the lifting sector in its different applications, from the beginning we have covered the design, manufacture, marketing and subsequent service of our machines.

We have always searched for new paths, innovative solutions and alternative concepts for the benefit of our customers.

We thank all those who made it possible for the future of the company to be viewed with great optimism.

Present Day


With greater PASSION than at the beginning if it fits in ELEVEK by CF you will find:

MOTIVATION to apply our innovation capabilities to the current market:

  • Cultural change
  • Exchange of knowledge
  • Creativity and passion for aesthetics

DESIGN, MANUFACTURE AND SERVICE, integrated as the concept of a product of quality.

VALUE GENERATION in the different supply chains we are part of.


  • Excellence in the design process
  • Excellence in the product quality and range
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Process efficiency
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Excellence in the communication and sales process

Of course, without forgetting that the manufacture of our lifting systems is carried out with the most modern production means and highly demanding control required for your safety.


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